Zoning Change Use / Verification of Use Application

New Business Operation: Application required for zoning use and approval of verification of zoning use for new use and/or occupant.

Prior to acceptance of further zoning applications (example: alterations, construction, and/or signage); Please note that new business operations must be reviewed and approved by the Zoning Officer in regard to the existing Zoning, Use, Site Plan, and/or Land Development Plans for the property.

Existing Business Change: Application required if there is a change of use by an existing Business Occupant ~or~ change of the lease area of the existing Business Occupant ~or~  change of Business Occupant leased area.

A203 Fees and Penalties (G) Change of Use Permit. A fee of $30 shall be due at the time of application for a zoning change of use. This fee shall be waived if a change of use is applied for in conjunction with a zoning permit application. (Interior alterations and/or construction - see: Application for Building Permit (required fees due based on this application for combined submissions)).

Zoning Change of Use Verification of Use 2015 (PDF)