Public Works


1481 E College Avenue
State College, PA 16861


Link: Public Works Page


Monday through Friday
7 am to 3:30 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Emergency, Water In The Event of Water Related Emergency Please Call:   1-800-479-0050  
Bair, Nicholas Maintenance/Laborer      
Blair, Joshua Water Laborer, Tech II, CTWA      
Clouser, Jan Maintenance Laborer   814-867-2846  
Coslo, Jeff Maintenance/HVAC 814-231-3021  
Deitz, G. Wade Public Works Foreman      
Flick, Ed Maintenance Laborer   814-867-2846  
Gotwalt, Greg Laborer-Operator/Mechanic 814-867-2846  
Hollwedel, Kirk Maintenance Laborer      
Houser, Bob Maintenance Laborer   814-867-2846  
Kerner, Amy J. P.E., Public Works Director    
Keslar, John W Utility Laborer/Tech I, CTWA   814-867-2846  
McMahon, Ed Water Laborer, Tech II, CTWA   814-867-2846  
Ranio, Ed Road & Water Superintendent   814-867-2846  
Smith, Jr., Dale Utility Laborer/Tech I, CTWA   814-867-2846  
Coakley, Brandon Maintenance Laborer