Spotted Lanternfly Resources

In 2021, College Township entered an agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture providing the consent for treatment to address the Spotted Lanternfly at the Stoney Batter Natural Area.

Additionally,  the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has an active spotted lanternfly survey program in Centre County. This program consists of two employees, covering five counties, who are surveying and reporting any findings of the fly. These employees have been keeping a close eye on Centre County, which has included surveying the Stoney Batter Natural Area, which as of Summer 2022 has shown no further findings of the fly.

The following links are made available to provide information on the spotted lanternfly and options for residents to help with mitigate any infestation that may occur in the future: 

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture - This website provide good information on the fly, the state's Spotted Lanternfly Program, quarantine compliance and much more. 

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service - USDA provides a broad overview of the spotted lanternfly and the potential risks posesd by further infestation. 

Penn State Extension - Similarly, Penn State Extension provides an  abundance of education resources and courses on the best practices to address invasive species. Of particular interest, is their resource library addressing invasive insects, particularly the spongy moth and the emerging spotted lanternfly. 

Penn State Extension's 2021 Spotted Lanternfly Management Guide - A handy 20 page guide that provides a thorough background on the fly and management options. 

Spotted Lanternfly