Dale Summit Redevelopment Plan

Communities are a tapestry of unique areas; some of these areas are easily definable, while others may only be identifiable by a key feature or property. The challenge for local and regional officials is to be constantly planning for how best to preserve or reshape these areas through implementation of strategic regulations and investments that meet the ever-evolving needs of the community. 

Recognizing some of the challenges facing the Dale Summit, College Township has undertaken a number of efforts to better understand the dynamics at play and to develop strategies to reshape regulations accordingly. Previous work on this issue documented the economic impact of certain land use options and identified potential strategies specific to the Commercial and Industrial zoning districts. 

After review of the most recent zoning analysis, the Township opted to develop a DRAFT Dale Summit Area Plan in 2021 to establish a vision for the future of Dale Summit, along with  a series of objectives and implementation strategies to set a framework for future regulatory revisions. The DRAFT Dale Summit Area Plan and past studies established the foundation for the Dale Summit Redevelopment Plan, which is currently under development. 

This page will provide a clearinghouse for Upcoming Events and Resources that will help shape the Dale Summit Redevelopment Plan: 

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