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Please note that permit fees may have been updated by College Township Council during their reorganizational meeting at the beginning of the calendar year.  

Application for Building Permit Packet 

 College Township is part of the Centre Region Council of Government (CRCG). Most construction within College Township requires a Zoning Permit before going to the Centre Region Building Code Office. However, normal maintenance activities, such as painting, roof shingle/tin replacement, and other minor repairs do not require a zoning permit. Please contact the College Township Zoning Officer if you question whether permits are required.

Building Permits are a two-step process within the Centre Region Council of Government group. 

Step 1: Municipal Zoning Permit is required prior to submission to CRCG.

 Step 2: Submission to CRCG, Building Code Application is the Original Application and documents, with completed Zoning approvals, a copy of the Zoning Permit, and other documents as may be required by CRCG.

Application Packets

Checklist / Packet of generally required submission documents for the following situations

A. Residential Construction Proposing less than 600 SF

· Checklist - Residential Construction Proposing Less than 600 SF(PDF) 

B.  All New Construction with Area over 600 square feet 

· Checklist - All Other Constr. Over 600 SF Impervious and Other Non-Residential (PDF)

Other Applications, Forms & Information