Archive & Historical Records

In 2003, College Township took advantage of the free microfilming services offered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) by sending them our first shipment of historical records for filming. Microfilming is the preferred method of preserving documents as it stands without regard for present or future technologies in order to read them. Copies of the microfilm are maintained in Harrisburg and at the Township building.

In 2005, the Township applied for a $5,000 PHMC grant for the acquisition of a digital microfilm reader/printer. In 2006, that grant was awarded to College Township, and a Konica Minolta MS6000 MKII is now in place at the College Township office. With the help of our industrious 2007 summer intern, Shannon Klinger, the historical records are now available to you here online in a.pdf format.

Records from 1875, when College Township was formed, to 1915 appear to have been lost, but we hold onto hope that they will soon come out of hiding. Take a few minutes to wander through those days of yore and make note of how much the College Township Board of Supervisors/Council meetings have changed since 1916. And, once viewed, we would love to know what you think of this accessibility to your Township's historical documents. They are offered here to be reflective of each PHMC Microfilm Roll in their entirety. 

Microfilmed Historical Records' subsections that are now available for your perusal.

For your information, "BOS" stands for "Board of Supervisors", which preceded College Township Council's governmental structure.