College Township currently maintains approximately 50 roadway miles within the township. Maintenance includes paving, shoulders, storm drainage, line painting, and vegetation control as well as winter maintenance. This work is performed with a combination of public works crew labor and contracted work.

Annually, the township crew performs various pavement patching, crack sealing, inlet repairs, pavement painting, shoulder grading, and other miscellaneous roadway maintenance items.

In addition to this, the following contracts are bid on an annual basis:

Roadway Resurfacing 

This typically includes milling the existing road to a depth of 2" replacing it with new asphalt.

Roadways are inspected each year, and project selections for future years are made based on the following criteria: condition of existing road, road classification, and volume of traffic. As roads are identified as a priority, estimated costs are calculated and projects are selected for the following year's budget.


Microsurfacing is a form of pavement preservation for roadways showing signs of aging and minor distress. This process helps extend the lifespan of the roadway prior to needing a complete overlay. The material used for microsurfacing consists of small aggregate, asphalt emulsion, water and mineral fillers, and is generally applied in a 3/8"-thick layer. College Township contracts this work through participation with Ferguson Township's annual microsurfacing contract.


PennDot  Type 5 Road Map - College Township (PDF)

Additionally, PennDOT has now made it easier to report a condition on one of their roadways. View more information on the customer care PennDOT website.

They also offer travel conditions for more information visit the 511PA website.