Brush & Leaf Collection

2024 CT Brush and Leaf Calendar

Please make sure you have your brush piled with cut limbs facing the street and no larger than 8" diameter limbs. At no time should brush be placed over the curb or on the street. Brush collection is intended for residential yard maintenance only. Township crews will spend a maximum of 15 minutes collecting brush at each property. Monthly collections are one time around only. If you miss the collection, Township crews will not return until the following month. The township will not collect brush that resulted from removing entire trees or performing clearing operations.

College Township reviews and updates brush and leaf collection guidelines on a regular basis. Please view and review current collection guidelines (PDF).

Please call the Township with any questions at 814-231-3021.


Brush collection performed by College Township personnel will continue on a monthly basis through the spring and summer months. The goal is to start collecting brush around the third week of each month, but the start date can fluctuate due to other roadwork and construction scheduling. Please monitor the Township website for brush collection notices, as well as follow the Township on Facebook and Twitter. Collection dates are posted on the Township website under News and Announcements. Guidelines for brush collection performed by Township personnel can be found on the Current Collection Guidelines (PDF) document. An informational video is also available. Questions about Township brush and leaf collection operations can be directed to 814-231-3021.

In addition to the Township brush collection service, three bundles of brush can also be placed out for collection by Advanced Disposal.

  • No larger than 6" in diameter
  • Each bundle shall not exceed forty (40) pounds
  • No grass clippings will be collected (Access our frequently asked question module for information on grass disposal)

Again, regular service customers of Advanced Disposal have an eight-bag limit each week. Three of those eight bags can contain leaves/yard trimmings or be 40-lb bundles of brush. Example:

  • Five 32-gallon bags of household waste
  • Two 32-gallon bags of leaves/yard trimmings (closed)
  • One 40-lb bundle of brush

Please contact the Refuse and Recycling Administrator at Centre Region Council of Governments with any questions or issues regarding Advanced Disposal service: 814-234-7198.


As a reminder, College Township holds two leaf collection events per year - one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring leaf event typically involves the road crew visiting each neighborhood one time. This spring, however, each neighborhood was visited twice due to poor weather conditions in April.

Please note that regular service customers of Advanced Disposal have an eight-bag limit (32-gallon size) for household waste collection each week. Three of those eight bags can be filled with leaves, brush, or yard trimmings for collection by Advanced Disposal. Please close garbage bags that are filled with leaves or yard trimmings, and place them out with bags containing your normal household waste. Please refer above for how to bundle brush. Again, this allowance is for regular service customers who have an eight-bag per week collection limit. Please contact the Refuse and Recycling, Centre Region Council of Governments with any questions or issues with this method of leaf disposal at phone number: 814-234-7198.