College Township Specific Information Related to Govenor Wolf's March 19, 2020 Announcement

College Township Specific Information Related to Govenor Wolf's March 19, 2020 Announcement

As a result of Governor Wolf’s Thursday, March 19, 2020 announcement, College Township will continue to operate to provide essential services to residents. Although the public is restricted from access to the Township municipal building at 1481 E. College Avenue, State College, staff will continue to report to work on the following modified schedules beginning Monday, March 23rd:

  •  Public Works and Water operations staff has been split into 2 teams – Team 1 will work     5-days per week M-F; Team 2 will be on leave. Beginning March 30th, the teams will reverse. The one (1) week on, one (1) week off schedule will repeat for the near term.
  •  All Township office personnel will start a 3-day per week work schedule beginning  Monday 3/23. All departments will be at least partially staffed and employee schedules are staggered to cover regular Township business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.
  •  Even though public access to the Township municipal building is restricted, residents are encouraged to contact staff at 814-231-3021.  To the extent possible and permissible by law, it is the intent of College Township to continue providing usual and customary services to residents.

Please note that the Township municipal building has a secure drop box for receipt of tax and water payments and other items related to the normal conduct of business. Receipts for these paid bills will be returned via US Mail by the Township.

 Business can be conducted through the use of the College Township website, at .  Users should hover over the main menu item “I WANT TO” to see a listing of available online services. In short,

 Zoning – various permit applications and other applications can be downloaded and printed.  Please call the Township at 814-231-3021 to confirm any permit or application fee.

 Engineering - both minor and land development applications are on the website under   “Departments - Engineering Department”.  Developers can download forms, call to confirm fees and mail or drop in dropbox.

Tax – EIT/LST taxes can be filed online with the Centre Tax Agency.  (Go to “I WANT TO”       on the website.) Real Estate taxes can be mailed to the Township municipal building.  The Township currently does not accept credit cards for real estate tax payments. 

Water - You can pay the bill via drop-box, mail or credit card online.  For credit  card payments go to “Departments – College Township Water Authority” for details. In addition, E-checks for water bill payment can be accepted online. Also, keep in mind that water bills can also be paid through your financial institution. 

State College Borough Water Authority bills can be paid at , or, over the phone by calling 814-      238-6766.

University Area Joint Authority sewer bills can be paid online here: .

College Township will strive to provide up-to-date information to residents via our webpage and social media outlets as events related to the ever-changing COVID-19 virus emergency unfold.

Adam Brumbaugh
Township Manager