This section is dedicated to the posting of adopted College Township ordinances. Ordinances are, in effect, the "laws" of College Township. (To go directly to the digitized College Township eCodes, click HERE.)

'Proposed Ordinances' and 'Adopted Ordinances' are listed separately on this website. Beginning with ordinances adopted in 2005, those 'Adopted Ordinances' will be distinguished from their proposed versions by the signature block notations at the bottom, which indicate that Council has, in fact, signed the original ordinance into enactment.

All College Township ordinances are adopted in accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Second Class Township Code. As stated in the Code, the Council "...may make and adopt any ordinances, bylaws, rules and regulations not inconsistent with or restrained by the Constitution and the laws of this Commonwealth necessary for the proper management, care and control of the township and its finances and the maintenance of peace, good government, health and welfare of the township and its citizens, trade, commerce and manufacturers."

All proposed ordinances, whether original, amended, repealed, revised, consolidated or codified, must be published not more than sixty days nor less than seven days before passage at least once in one newspaper circulating generally in the Township. These notices almost always appear in the "Legal Notice" section of the Centre Daily Times, although, in some cases, these announcements will appear as "block ads" somewhere in the main pages of the CDT. Notices are also posted on C-NET Cable Channel 7's Message Board and on the C-NET website.

College Township Council regularly conducts public hearings on ordinances under consideration. The information pertaining to the date and time of a public hearing is included in the published legal notice along with the C-NET sites noted above.

Please use this section to get acquainted with College Township Ordinances. The original ordinance books are available to the public for inspection at any time in the Township offices. Once codified, the ordinances are part of the official book of 'College Township Codes'. 

An Ordinance is an authoritative order; a statute or regulation enacted by a municipal government. Once adopted, an ordinance is codified and entered into a municipality's legally binding Ordinance Book.

A Resolution is a formal statement of a decision or expression of opinion put before or adopted by a governmental assembly.

The Centre Region Council of Governments recognizes Ordinances as the avenue through which local law is adopted. Resolutions are a sub-set of ordinances, stating a municipality's opinion on a given matter and authorizing such actions as the erection of traffic signs, setting various fees for services, and initiating agreements between the municipality and other entities, etc.