Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Resources

The spongy moth (formerly known as the gypsy moth) has been a destructive forest and tree pest in Pennsylvania since 1932. Infestations are cyclic and regional, so different portions of the state may be affected during each cycle.

Throughout the late Spring of 2022, College Township has been made aware of a growing spongy moth infestation in certain portions of the township. No spraying program was budgeted for 2022, but consideration for a program will be given as part of the 2023 budget process. 

The following links are provided to give residents additional information on the spongy moth, as well as, resources to aid in combatting the latest infestation: 

Penn State Extension - providing good information on spongy moth life cycle, treatment windows and options. 

PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources - providing addition information on the spongy moth and tips for homeowners with infestations. 

PA DCNR Spraying Program Map - Daily spraying program map

PA Game Commission - providing information of PA Game Commission's approach to spongy moth control.

PA Game Commission Spraying Program Map - GIS map of the PA Game Commission spray blocks.

Centre County Government - during past countywide infestations, Centre County Government managed a spraying program. While there is no County program budgeted in 2022, this page still provides relevant information and resources. 

Homeowner Guide to Spongy Moth Management (PDF) - a resource developed by West Virginia University Extension Services to aid homeowners in the management of spongy moths. 

Maturing spongy moth caterpillar. Photo courtesy of Brian Schildt, PDA